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Interconsultants model: how does it work?

The model of work, conceived to ensure the best performance for the interest of the client, is simple and flexible, the number of Partners being involved in each project depending on its actual needs
As a standard procedure, all new project proposals undergo a "central evaluation" in order to match its features requirement with the professional resources available within Interconsultants. Such a "central evaluation" is under the responsibility of the Leading Partner who may avail of a Contact Partner to keep a continuous relationship with the customer and of an Executive Partner or an Executive Team, according to the needs of the project, for its execution.
The Leading Partner will overview the fulfilment of the assignment by the Executive Partners and the achievement of the customer satisfaction through the Contact Partner.
A Revision Partner or Team may be called upon when necessary for the quality insurance of the project.
For smaller and simpler projects Contact Partner and Executive Partner can coincide, the Leading Partner undertaking in such a case the full overview and revision of project execution.