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which are the services provided by Interconsultants ?

Thanks to the variety and depth of its Partners experience and skills, Interconsultants can provide almost any kind of assistance and consultancy to the companies for their business development in foreign markets as well as for their internal restructuring in that frame.
Interconsultants offers a wide and complete range of services addressed to the companies interested to join an international experience.
Following a logical approach and starting from the initial steps needed to enter a foreign market, Interconsultans helps companies realize their business objectives through customized solutions to reduce entry risks and compress gestation time, by means of :

- SWOT analysis related to international development
- market analysis and drafting of an "entry strategy"
- strategy full definition
- strategy Implementation
- post entry services
- financials

In addition, group temporary management and enterprise networks services can be structured and provided on a case by case basis

SWOT analysis related to international development
- strengths and weaknesses of the organization, including structure and human resources;
- evaluation of the products and services (including their cost structure) to select those better fit to face international challenges;
- definition and implementation of the changes needed in organization, structure, products and services to better exploit the international opportunities and to avoid the threats.

Market analysis and drafting of an "entry strategy"
Market Exploration
Interconsultants explore what the foreign market can offer to the concerned company, the opportunities and their scope. In-house research ensures confidentiality and full control over parameters. A geomarketing analysis allows to define which country provides the best overall conditions to develop the concerned business:
Comprehensive Market Research
Competitors Analysis
Examination of Government Regulations
Feasibility Study/ Business Plan
Location Analysis
Partner Due Diligence

Strategy full definition
The possibilities mapped in the preceding phase and the results of the company SWOT will enable to define appropriate entry strategy options. Interconsultants will give recommendations on product, pricing, positioning and segmentation, besides advertising, P.R. and promotion strategies. Interconsultants can support in any one of the following entry options:
- greenfield investment operation through wholly owned foreign subsidiary
- acquisition of foreign target company
- joint venture
- Partner selection for Distribution, Contract manufacturing or Sourcing

Strategy Implementation
Interconsultants can help considering all legal aspects related to trade, intellectual rights and development of entrepreneurial activities.
Establishing operations is the next step, Interconsultants can help in implementing the Business Plan through the following actions:
- acquisition or Set-up Greenfield facility
- seeking all regulatory approvals
- selecting and acquiring a suitable site in case of Greenfield operations
- recruitment of Key Top Executives
- advertising, P.R. and promotion support

Post entry services
Interconsultants can help mitigating the risks through successful start up experiences in foreign countries

To reduce entrepreneurial risks, funding opportunities may be sought to support the overall activities in the foreign countries. Interconsultants can keep the customers updated on available opportunities.

Group temporary management
For an effective internationalisation process a broad range of managerial skills is usually required. Interconsultants can offer its clients a package, to be evaluated on case by case basis with reference to the targets, structured over time, profiles and tasks according to best appraisal by Interconsultants of the actual needs of the project.
The assignement shall be performed by Interconsultants Partners and possibly also by ancillary resources under full internal Interconsultants coordination.

Enterprise networks
The SME whishing to develop technological and trading collaborations with companies of the same field of activity, can use Interconsultants capacity to identify the most convenient partners and to foster cooperation aimed to acquire better market penetration and/or product integration, greater contractual force, administrative facilities, financial institutions support and joint research & development efforts.